The FMP Group (Australia) PTY, LTD, is comprised of manufacturing and engineering facilities in Australia, Malaysia and Thailand. The organization is unique in the world as they are considered one of the leading technological centers for friction material development and application specific friction engineering. Our state of the art, computer controlled brake-testing equipment, which includes brake dynomometers and in-vehicle computer integrated systems are among the most sophisticated found globally. Our engineering and testing personnel are automotive-based people, genuinely interested in the performance of the most important component of the brake system – the brake pads.


Our location just minutes from the outback of Australia allows us to accurately assess and continuously improve the performance of our formulations. Testing is done year-round, where the temperature can drop below freezing, and soar to nearly 120 degrees Fahrenheit; major tests for brake components. With today’s cars engineered from the factory to achieve very high speeds, our brake pads are designed to stop them as quickly as possible, with the finest formulations anywhere. Testing is done on a variety of vehicles that fit every Asian, European and US domestic type vehicle…ensuring our pads fit and perform better than any pads in the world.


We offer a variety of formulations to fit perfectly every vehicle, and the driver’s specific needs. With our worldwide licensing agreements, we have access to premium braking technology that other manufacturers simply cannot duplicate….placing the FMP Group at the leading edge of product development.


Superior product quality is achieved through intensive Quality Control programs. From the time the pad design starts, through formulation, backplates configured, and final production at one of our three facilities, our pads go through an unprecedented 14 step Quality Control program.